RIZEX 10m Airdrop
10,000,000 RZX Airdrop is here!
Please fill out the form to verify you followed the steps, and enter your TRON Wallet address so we can distribute the tokens to you.

In order to participate in the airdrop, you must follow us on Facebook, Twitter and join our Telegram Channels. After doing so, enter your twitter and telegram handles so we can verify it.

Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/rizex_org
Our Telegram Group: https://rizex.org
Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rizexorg/

Good Luck!

Airdrop tokens distribution will start 2 weeks after the ICO.

* Use of multiple accounts for a single user is not allowed. In case we suspect this, we reserve the right not to distribute the tokens to them!
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