Carrots 'N' Cake 1:1 Coaching Application
This questionnaire should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Consider it your first coaching step and an investment in yourself!

*** Once you submit your application, you will have the option of scheduling a discovery call ($99) with Tina via her calendar link ( It's not required, but it is definitely helpful to learn more and ask any questions you might have about the program and potential hormonal testing. You're also welcome to asked questions via DM on Instagram @carrotsncake.

Quick note: Please only apply if you are a serious applicant. Our program is a 6-month total transformation, and it's the most deep-dive program we offer. If you are not ready to commit time, energy, and space to the process, please wait and apply later when you are ready. Our goal is to help you achieve the BEST possible results using a personalized approach, which involves diet, lifestyle, and mindset.
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Working together is a 6-month commitment so that we can use nutrition & lifestyle changes most effectively. Is that a problem for you? *
Our high-level coaching program requires a significant investment starting at $2,400. Are you ready to invest in yourself? *
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