I Spy
A review of properties and changes of matter!
You will use the clues given (physical and chemical properties/changes) to determine the identity of the object. If you cannot move to the next page, then you need to go back and check your answers. Email me with any questions! Good luck and happy science! (There are 5 objects to identify)
I spy with my little eye something red. What does the color of an object as a description represent? *
Captionless Image
The state of matter of the object is a solid. What does the state of matter of an object refer to? *
The object is NOT flammable. Flammability is a........ *
Captionless Image
When this object comes in contact with oxygen it becomes brown and rots. This forms something new. The reaction between the object and oxygen is....... *
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Using the clues that were provided - the physical and chemical properties and changes, identify the object that "you spied". *
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