Summer of Language Models 21
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Three important notes, READ them before you fill the form please (more details/context below):

1 – The goal of the BigScience workshop is NOT to provide ready-to-use NLP models for production
2 – The questions related to using the models directly in production (size/efficiency/etc) and real-world business/non-profit use-cases are NOT central to the workshop
3 – The organisation of the research workshop is NOT a good place to learn about AI or find mentors


BigScience is a research workshop and is open to researchers, i.e. people affiliated with a research organization (in academia or industry) and whose day work are for instance at least in part to publish papers in peer-review venues, as well as to people whose technical and professional expertise bears relevance to the social aspects of the project.

The workshop is focused on investigating the research questions on large language models in particular around their bias, ethics, environmental impact, capabilities, limitations, potential improvements, general AI/cognitive research landscape.

The goal of the workshop is thus not to provide ready to use models for production and the questions related to using the model in production or real-world business or non-profit use-cases of large language models are also not central to the workshop.

Finally it's important to note that the organization of the research workshop is not a good place to learn about AI or find mentors as we do not have an internal mentoring program. It’s also not per-se a community for general AI or AGI discussions.

If you are interested in learning about AI/ML or already working on Machine Learning, AI and NLP side projects, note that we plan to do event for the AI/ML enthousiat community and the general public and you should rather fill the following Google Form of the mailing list to be informed about these upcoming public events:
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