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This intake form will be used by NorthStar to ascertain the entry point to our Programs. It is acceptable to leave non relevant fields blank as it helps us understand your company profile.
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Data integrity
KYC / User ID security and validation
Regulatory compliance
Global operations
Inter-org data management (Distr ledger)
Automated governance
Value standard / token
Rules /Decision Engine
Business intelligence
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External motivation to adopt Blockchain
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Section A: If you have Blockchain technology expertise on staff - tell us more
from your perspective what is the blockchain and its impact on your business
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Do you have a working prototype? Can you show it? If not, how long will it take you to produce one? Explain what the prototype or product demonstrates.
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How do you sell to your customer?
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Why will your customer buy your product or service instead of your competitor's?
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What is the long-term vision of your company? How is your product going to change the world?
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How do you plan to protect your idea from competitors and imitators?
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What is the single most important dimension on which your technology outperforms your competition?
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How do you think BlockTech Ventures can help your venture succeed?
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Section C: If you have some Blockchain documented and/or developed - tell us more.
If you check boxes above and/or Other and would like to expand on your Blockchain build to date please fill us in
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