Inventors: What are the top challenges you face when selling your product?
You know when you have the opportunity to pitch your invention to an investor and it flops...again.

Do you wish you knew how to turn this around and have your next opportunity be the one you dream of?
I'm conducting an Anonymous Survey to understand the struggles of new and experienced inventors.

I would like to receive at least 50 responses for the survey and would appreciate the insight from those of you who identify as inventors: makers, engineers, scientists, tinkerers in this short three-minute multiple-choice questionnaire.

I'm happy to share the results with you once I've collected the numbers needed.

All participants who complete this survey are automatically entered to win a $25 gift voucher to Amazon —to pick up that component you’ve had your eye on.

I really appreciate your time.


Lisa Stewart, Your Inventor Mentor
Your Inventor Mentor
Are you an inventor?
Have you built a product or have an idea to build one?
What kind of product is it?
Which of these challenges cause you the most angst?
Knowing your goals for 2019, which of the following would add the most value to you:
When it comes to learning about creating and pitching your invention, what are the topics you want to learn more about?
What will it cost you —in cash and lost opportunity— of not addressing this challenge in 2019?
What’s the biggest question you have about building a product and positioning it in the marketplace?
Your answer
How are these problems affecting you personally and professionally?
Your answer
What are your 3 main goals/outcomes when it comes to your invention in 2019?
Your answer
Anything else you'd like to add?
Your answer
How do I find people just like you?
What events do you attend?
Your answer
Where do you spend your time online?
Your answer
What Facebook or LinkedIn groups are you part of?
Your answer
What blogs, publications, or podcasts do you read?
Your answer
Would you share this survey with other inventors?
Where did you come from?
As a "Thank You" I am including your name to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card (to pick up that component you’ve had your eye on)
I am so grateful that you took time to complete this survey. This is a tremendous help to me.

For each additional 25 responses, I will draw an additional name for a $25 Amazon GiftCard. The more responses, the more opportunity to win!
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Your answer
Your answer
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Thanks again! You rock!
Lisa Stewart
Your Inventor Mentor

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