ARCADIA FILM FESTIVAL - Registration 2019
The 2019 edition of the ARCADIA FILM FESTIVAL is taking place from April 1st to December 1st 2019. Since its launch in 2013 in Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore, Arcadia has been organized by volunteers, citizens, associations, representatives, corporations and so on.

You wish to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer future involving youself in 21st Century main social and environmental issues? Join the movement and arrange screening-debates with ARCADIA! It is free of charge for you* and the viewers and this is also a nice opportunity to create social bonds in your area!

The 2019 selection is of high quality and relates to various issues! It could develop during the year depending on your location. Find the film summaries and trailers on Arcadia’s official website : (please check for each movie if it is available in your country).

The selection :
• In Transition 2.0 (Transition Network, 2012, 67 min) – Topic: Sustainable city
• Invisible (R)evolutions (Philippe Borrel, 2014, 84 min) – Topic: Lifestyle
• The True Cost (Andrew Morgan, 2015, 92 min) – Topic: Fashion industry
• The Hope of our Future (Guillaume Thébault, 2015, 94 min) – Topic: Agricuture
• What if kids could change the world (Flore Vasseur, 2016, 52 min) – Topic: Education
• Planeat (Shelley Lee Davis & Or Shlomi, 2010, 87 min) – Topic: Food
• Nouveau Monde (New World) (Yann Richet, 2016, 52 min) – Topic: Societal change
• Food Coop (Tom Boothe, 2016, 97 min) – Topic: Cooperative systems
• Racing to zero (Christopher Beaver, 2014, 59 min) – Topic: Waste
• Bikes vs Cars (Fredrik Gertten, 2015, 91 min) – Topic: Mobility
• And a selection of short-films!

The questionnaire below should only take a few minutes to fill in, you have up to November 24th 2019 to validate it (the last screenings are on December 1st). This is the opportunity for you to be registered as an organizer and reference your screenings. If you wish to arrange more than one screening (which we hope you will!), please fill in the questionnaire as many times as necessary for you have to complete it for each screenings.

Still have a doubt before getting into it? You can email us at, we are there to help you!

Thank you and we hope to see you soon with Arcadia!

* Except local authorities (discretionary contribution to screening fees, denpending on your local resources) and corporations (mandatory contribution to screening fees).

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