Lynx dApp API Request Form
For API details, visit

We are now generating tokens for DApp's to build on our mobile platform for iOS and for Desktop on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

We will roll out more keys for Android in the coming weeks.

Fill out the form below and we will put you in queue to generate an API token and unique app link that opens in the Lynx mobile wallet. For more info and developer support, join us on Telegram at

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DApp Info (Mobile and Desktop)
This section is required for both Desktop and Mobile API integration
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DApp URL *
This is the URL Lynx will open in our in-app browser. Example:
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DApp Icon (PNG) *
Link to your DApp icon/logo. Must be a 130x130 px png
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DApp Icon (SVG)
Link to your DApp icon/logo in SVG format
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EOS Account Name *
This is the 12-character EOS account name where all EOS Lynx transactions will be sent to
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Additional Desktop Information
The following fields are required if you are building on the Lynx Desktop API. If you are only building mobile, you can leave this section blank
Webhook Endpoint (full URL)
FOR DESKTOP ONLY. Mobile does not require or use a webhook. This is the endpoint Lynx Desktop should send back to for your app. See the documentation @ for more details.
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These are the 12-character EOS account names your smart contracts are deployed to. For more than 1, type them in comma-separated
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