7 tips for giving good oral care to the elderly
In order to improve housing, welfare and care for the elderly, professionals and the elderly are always looking for new knowledge and instruments. A1 Senior Care provides an overview of good examples of innovative projects in care for the elderly with instruments, experiences and substantiation.


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1. Put a denture dry away, not in a bowl of water :
'This is also in the guideline. If you get a denture tomorrow, you get the advice to put it in a bowl of water every night. But the problem in health care institutions is that this water is not refreshed every day, causing bacterial growth. '
2. Think of new things for clients who do not want to open their mouths :
"It can be very difficult to open your mouth if someone does not feel like it. Perhaps it helps if you brush your teeth to another time in the day. If you have done the morning ritual, the client can be too tired for oral care. Also consult with colleagues, there is always one who knows a handy trick that makes a certain occupant open his mouth. '
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3. After removing the prosthesis, clean the mouth yourself :
'This is almost impossible, but saves a lot: take a gauze, a dentaswab or the tip of a towel and pass it along the cheeks and gums. This is because food remains left behind in the mouth. Massage the cheeks and the palate here too. "
4. Polish a dental prosthesis with liquid soap and a good denture brush :
'You can use ordinary hand soap for this. Because toothpaste rubs too much, causing the dentures to break down. Polish the prosthesis with a hand soap, rinse a few times, and then place it with the adhering drops in the tray. So you do not have to dry it off.
5. Preferably brush your own teeth and choose with an electric toothbrush :
'But only if the client finds this okay. Some people with dementia prefer to be brushed with a regular toothbrush. If they are not used to electric cleaning, they will probably not get used to it. "
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6. Go to the client during oral care :
"This is the standard attitude for taking care of the mouth with someone else. Save your left arm when brushing teeth around the head of the client, so that the head is stabilized. With your left hand, remove the lips and / or cheeks from the client, and brush with the right. In the case of left-handedness, you do the opposite. In this way you are still fairly entitled and the client has support. '
7. Brush with a soft toothbrush, obliquely on the gums with short back and forth movement :
'Check with your client if the toothbrush still looks good, and the hairs are not too hard. Rinse the brush and place it in a glass or with the hair upwards. Replace the brushes regularly. After several weeks there are millions of bacteria in the brush. '
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