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We are invested in making your progress possible. CDSC continues to work towards ensuring our products and services meet your needs and your customer experience is satisfactory. To make this work, we need your help. Kindly take a moment to give us your feedback by completing this short and simple questionnaire. Your highly valued responses will be useful in helping us improve on our service delivery.
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1. How would you rate the following aspects of our practices? *
Very poor
Ability to meet your needs and objectives
Quality of our products and services
Level of our customer service
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
Professionalism of our staff members
2. How responsive is CDSC on issues raised through below channels? *
Very Responsive
Not so responsive
Not resposnive at all
Social Media
Stakeholder forums
3. How would you rate the competence of our staff? *
Very good
Very poor
General courtesy of our staff members
General staff knowledge and understanding of the issue raised
Promptness in dealing with issues or concerns raised
Ability to handle questions or requests
Overall service rating
4. We would appreciate any additional suggestions regarding how we could improve our products and services. Please share your feedback on how we can improve on our products
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(a) CDSC Mobile App
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(b) CDSC website portal
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(c) M-Akiba retail bond
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5. Do you know about CDSC and what it does? *
6. If NO, what company/organization first comes to mind when you think about shares and corporate bonds? *
7. What makes the above company/organization recognizable to you? *
8. Have you interacted with any CDSC products or services? *
Client statement request
Mobile App
Online Account Access (website portal)
Email statement service
CDS Account maintenance (update of client details)
Pledging and releasing of shares
Securities deposits (Immobilization and corporate actions)
Transfers (Client account transfers and private transfers)
M-Akiba Retail Bond
Registry services (through our subsidiary CDSC Registrars)
I don’t know any of the above services
9. How easy/difficult is it to access CDSC products and services? *
10. Do you have any challenges trying to access CDSC products and services? Please share your experience
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11. How would you describe your overall opinion of the CDSC brand?
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12. What would you recommend for improvement to increase your satisfaction levels with the products and services we offer?
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