WINGS Mentor Questionnaire
What does it take to be a WINGS Mentor?

While participation as a Mentor in WINGS is voluntary, we are looking for committed and passionate women and men who are willing to unconditionally support the development of women who are aspiring to be leaders.

Our Mentors meet following criteria to participate in the program:

• Has seniority (15 plus years of experience) in terms of experience and level and draws from personal experience to support learning.
• Embody the following leadership and personal qualities.
• Self-Awareness
• Resiliency
• Presence
• Connection
• Growth Mindset
• Access to a diverse network and willing to make connections for mentee as appropriate
• Sincere desire to build constructive and positive relationship between you as a Mentor/ your Mentee
• Sensitivity to people from varied backgrounds and compassion/understanding
• Innate teaching ability
• Should be able to draw examples from his or her own experience as a leader
• Able to commit to the full 10-month relationship
• Meets once per week for the first 6-8 weeks and at least once per month thereafter
• Participates in the on-going evaluation process
• Able to mentor effectively using virtual technology if required
• Committed to using WINGS methodology and leadership model to support a robust development plan and supporting activities
• Inform the program coordinator of any difficulties or areas of concern that may arise in the relationship
• Keep any information that mentee tells her mentor as confidential except as may cause him or others harm
• Notify the program coordinator in the event of any changes in address, phone number, or employment status
• You agree to be a mentor where cohort is sponsored by a company and mentees in that cohort are employees of this company

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List five characteristics you possess that will contribute to the success of your mentoring relationship *
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How will you personally measure the success of your partnership with WINGS? *
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Are you willing to take time out of your personal and work life to regularly meet with your mentee? Do you have any restrictions? *
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