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Thank you for applying for this job!! before filling out this application please watch the following videos!

We are looking for a energy worker, birth doula AND/OR massage therapists who are passionate about helping others! We are currently needing more people in Utah County to start working for essence healing! But open to anywhere in the US!

- MUST be passionate about helping others! (We will let you go if not)

- must love what Essence Healing does

- must Be certificated in energy healing �OR BE WILLING � to go through certification training.

- if for a massage therapist or doula: must have previous certification in doula or massage therapy schooling

- 18 or older

- must live in US or be a US citizen

- must be willing to sign employee terms and conditions page sent after you send in your application.

- pay may also dependent on what you are certified in, and how many clients you already take.

What does this job include? Benefits?

- work from home
- choose your own pay
- set your schedule
- a personal link to our website
- 1099 tax form, (YES! You can make income and show them on your tax records so that if you ever wanted to buy a home or take out a loan, this would become a credible job!)
- pay stub/time tracking

You may use your other modalities! ( foot zoning, massage therapy, aromatherapy, doula services, reiki, etc ) - certificate in MASTER simply essence healing modality. (We will set up)
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For doulas: how long have you been a doula? Where did you get certified?
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Do you have background and energy work? If so what kind? How long have you been doing since services?
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This is a very competitive position, why should we hire you? And why do you want to work with us?
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Are you religious? Will you use religion in your energy work? - this has no bearing on whether or not we hire you, it is for my information only to help bring you the correct clients for you -
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do you want to be certified In the remedy technique? (visit for more info) *
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