GRHL Ownership Application - Season 3
Please answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. League staff will contact you in the near future to discuss your possible future Ownership in the GRHL.
GamerTag *
Enter your GamerTag exactly as it appears on XBL.
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What leagues are you currently active in? *
List all leagues you currently dedicate your time to and how many seasons you have completed with each league.
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Availability *
What days/times of the week are you available to play and run a team? All times are EST. (Please select all that apply.)
Experience *
Have you owned a team before? In what league and how many seasons?
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GM Plan *
Do you have a GM in mind? If not, would you like league management to make some suggestions or help you to find one? (All GMs must be approved by league management.)
NHL Team Choice *
Is there a team you would like to have? Please remember you may not get your team of choice so list your top 3 teams in preferential order..
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