SHS Student Parking Permit Application
YOUR PAREENT MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME THIS FORM IS COMPLETED. The $70 fee must be received before the pass is picked up on August 28.
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Parking Permit Conditions, Rules, and Regulations
All of the terms and conditions listed apply to motorcycles as well.

I agree to read all the conditions, rules, and regulations listed below. I also recognize that my privilege to park on school premises is subject to revocation for violation of any of the requirements or for failure to operate the motor vehicle on or about school premises in a reasonable, prudent, and lawful manner and within the established speed limit. In return, I will be eligible to receive a valid parking sticker for the coming school year which allows me to park in an ASSIGNED parking lot.

Lots will be assigned with seniors chosen first. Parking regulations go into effect the first day of school and the parking fee is non-refundable. Information about obtaining your parking sticker will be emailed to the address you provided above.


1. Students must park in a stall within that assigned color lot.
Failure to park in a stall will result in a fine.

2. Refunds will not be provided for students who have lost their parking privileges.

3. Students who purchase a parking spot will receive only 1 sticker.
If the student gets a different car, he/she may purchase a second sticker for $5.00 with a note from a parent.

4. If a student brings a different vehicle to school, they must notify office personnel with changes or they will be ticketed.

5. Parking stickers must be placed in the rear window, driver's side, and lower corner. Cars must park "front in" so the sticker is visible for law enforcement. If a sticker is not visible, the vehicle will be subject to fines.

6. Parking stickers are non-transferable. Semester graduates cannot transfer stickers to other students. Transferring stickers to unauthorized students will result in the loss of parking privileges. Students shall not sell parking stickers to other students. Students who violate this rule, and who do not park a vehicle at school, shall be subject to disciplinary consequences, including suspension from school.

7. Students cannot park in faculty, visitor, handicapped, or reserved areas without permission. Violators will be ticketed and towed.

8. Students must drive no faster than 5 MPH while on school property. Speeding, failure to stop at stop signs or yield to pedestrians, and dangerous practices (spinning tires, etc.) will result in tickets and immediate revocation of parking privileges.

9. Parking in violation of the rules shall result in tickets, school consequences, and/or towing of vehicle. The vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense, and parking privileges may be revoked for multiple violations.

10. The school district reserves the right to inspect any vehicle located on school property.

11. The School District assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of a vehicle or any item in or on a vehicle parked on school property.
Student & Parent: Parking Application Disclaimer & Acknowledgement
I certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsifying information is grounds for refusal to grant me a parking permit.

By entering my full name in the boxes below, I am stating that I agree with the above statement, as well as all of the parking permit conditions, rules, and regulations indicated on this form AND and future changes to them. I also understand that entering my name constitutes a legally-binding signature.

Payments should be delivered to the school office when students pick up their parking passes. Stickers will be available for pick up in the main office by the student (or his/her parent ONLY) on August 28th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you or your parent are unable to pick up your sticker at that time, you must pick it up on the first day of school. Payment must be received before the parking pass will be issued. Payment may be made by cash or check at pickup, or by using this link to pay through efunds:
(This link will be available after you click SUBMIT, and in the email confirmation you will receive.)
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