Bigs/Littles Spring 2019
This form will help us match you with a big or little!

In BAM, bigs serve as mentors for their littles. Littles can go to their bigs for advice or help about the dances, competitions, partners, or anything else ballroom-related.

That being said, feel free to go to any vet with questions! We are always happy to help any of our newbies out :) Having a big just provides you with a designated person to talk to but it's not binding.

Please answer as many questions as possible so we can find a great match for you!

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Would you like to be a big or a little?
What semester did you start dancing (or a rough estimate if you can't remember)?
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What year of school are you in?
What's your major?
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What days can you come to practice space?
What styles do you do or are interested in learning?
Are you interested in competing / do you compete?
If you're not a newcomer, what level(s) do you dance?
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Do you have any other interests? In any clubs? Favorite TV show? Anything at all
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Would you like to request someone to be your big/little?
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