Week 35 of Laws of the Game test - questions by Dutch Referee Blog
Refsworld UK has made some referee goodies available for Dutch Referee Blog's Laws of the Game Quizzes. The monthly prize will (randomly) be alloted to one of the contestants who scored the most points in a particular month. If you want your weekly scores to be summed up, make sure you write down the same email address and user name every week.

NB: if you only want to practice the Laws of the Game you don't have to fill out the user name and email address.
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1. A named substitute starts a match instead of a named player and the referee is not informed of this change. Which of the following sentences is NOT correct in this particular situation? *
2. A goalkeeper, who is wearing his gloves, takes a throw-in. The ball is thrown correctly. The ball reaches an attacker who scores straight from the throw-in. What does the referee decide? *
3. Player Y is getting substituted. After the player has left the field of play, he insults the assistant referee with abusive language. The assistant referee is, at the moment of the abusive language, just checking the outfit and equipment of the substitute, who's has not entered the pitch yet. What does the referee decide? *
4. Harry Kane is about to take the kick-off and sees that the goalkeeper of the opponents is 10 metres in front of his goal. After a signal from the referee he directly kicks the ball forward into the opponent's goal. What does the referee have to decide? *
5. An attacker makes a deliberate handball offence just outside the penalty area of the opponents. The referee whistles for a foul. A defender takes the free kick quickly and passes it back to his goalie, who didn't realise the kick was being taken. The ball enters the goal directly. How does play need to be restarted? *
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