Teacher Feedback about NexxGen News Daily Content
We’re excited to announce a partnership with NexxGen News to give you more options in your classroom and to help your students keep up with current events!

We'd love your feedback in fine-tuning the content to best fit the needs of young learners and figuring out ways to integrate NGN into the classroom experience.

Here is the link to the most recent NexxGen News Show: https://new.edmodo.com/post/695227043
Please watch the segment in its entirety before answering this survey.
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If there was one thing you'd change about NexxGen News' weekly episodes, what would it be?
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Do you have any ideas for what NexxGen News should cover?
This can be a broad topic, a single story, or whatever you think NexxGen needs to know about!
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Based on the time you have in a class period, do you feel the length of the show is: *
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What did you think of the history/news piece on the US-Mexico border? (check all that apply)
What did you think of the story about Stacy giving back to the ocean/beach because of her love of surfing? (check all that apply) *
What did you think of the story about Esports programs at colleges? (check all that apply) *
Do you feel that NGN is a new program that you would show your students each week? (Similar to Channel One News) *
Would adding resources (such as discussion questions, short pre-made quizzes, activity ideas, etc) along with each segment of the show make it more appealing to share with the classroom and/or individual students? *
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