2nd Annual Family Cruise 2020
Complete this questionnaire which will supply me with all of the information needed to book your reservation. One online form should be completed for each room listing all guests that will reside in 1 single room.

Once your registration is complete, you will be contacted by your family travel agent (Keionna) to make the initial $25pp deposit to finalize this booking.

Additional information about this cruise can be found at www.karmagetways.com or in our Family Facebook Group.
Email address *
Number of Guests in 1 room *
Room pricing is based on double occupancy. (Rooms with single guest will have to pay the full amount of the room based on the price of 2 people). If you need a rooming partner, please announce it in the family group before booking your room.
Room Selection *
Please choose the room based on the number of guests that will be staying in that room. Cruise fares are per person which includes children and infants. Each additional guest beyond the initial 2 guest will cost $344.52pp. (Example of room cost for 4 people: $489 + $489 + $344 + $344). Prices below includes taxes & port fees.
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