Know Thyself- Cultural Identity and Media
An exploration in how the media we consume can have an impact on an individual's cultural identity.
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Cultural Identity is a combination of national, political, familial heritage, religion, economic and social factors, as well as education and exposure.
How well do you think you can describe your own culture and what has gone into defining your cultural identity? *
Media Influence on Adolescence
Read the following passage:
Adolescence is a time where an individual’s sense of identity starts to emerge and a majority of their social norms are perceived. In this day and age, adolescents live in a world heavily submerged around media, which plays an important and habitual part of an adolescents' life. In a national survey conducted in 2009, adolescents on average spend more than 7.5 hours using some sort of media a day (Rideout, Foehr, Roberts, 2010). With this unprecedented access to the world, individuals are learning and connecting with many different people and ideas through the media (Brown & Bobkowsi, 2011). With different forms of media playing an influential part in an adolescents’ life, their perceived social norms may be seriously influenced. “Adolescents are influenced by the content they are exposed, with respect to their knowledge about the world, their attitudes and values, and their behavior” (Steinberg, 2012). Media could lead to negative perceived social norms for individuals, since adolescence is an important time because a sense of identity is emerging. Those assumed norms might have an affect or dictate an individual’s identity. These false norms can be possibly prevented through education and awareness therefore the youth should be taught the fallacies of the media through MLE (Media Literacy Education).

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According to the article above, what is it that adolescents perceive which is extremely influenced by their consumption of media? *
What is a television show, movie, or musical artist/group which you feel has had the most influence on you within the past two years, as you have transitioned from middle school to high school? *
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What is it about this media which resonated (connects) with you and why do you think that may be? *
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Your first Embedded Assessment will be to write a reflective essay explaining your cultural identity. Summarize what you have learned today and write a five sentence (minimum) paragraph which both explains how you feel the media you consume has impacted your cultural identity and citing, as an example, the show or artist you mentioned before and how that specific media has impacted you. *
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