Vision Zero Yard Sign Request Form
Bike Walk RVA is a program of Sports Backers that advocates for comfortable and connected places to bike and walk for people of all ages and abilities. We work to promote the construction of more sidewalks and crosswalks, multi-use trails, protected bike lanes, and safe neighborhood streets so that walking and biking are part of daily transportation in every part of the Richmond region.

While construction of this infrastructure is in progress, we also seek to help reduce traffic fatalities, especially of people walking and biking, by promoting yielding to pedestrians, driving slower, and increased roadway awareness.

This quick form has a few sections, so please advance through each section to complete it. If you request a sign, we will get a notification, and we will either deliver it or contact you on a rolling basis. Please email if you have any questions.

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Optional: Help us understand biking and walking safety in your area: Do you walk regularly? Are you adequately served by crosswalks and sidewalks? Do drivers normally yield to you? How would you rate your normal walking experience? Are there places you can’t safely get to? Where would you go if you had a safer option, and what would make that trip safer for you?
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