Welcome To Express Market Survey
Congratulations Your Break room will soon have a Micro Market - Its like a small convenience store in your break room. Please help us take this short survey to get a better understanding what your favorite snack and drinks are.
What Is Your Soft favorite Drink?
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What Is Your Favorite Energy Drink?
Do You Drink Juice?
If YES - What Is Your Favorite Juice? (Be Specific with Brand & Flavor)
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Do You Drink Bottled Water?
Do Your Prefer Cans or Bottles?
Do You Drink Cold Iced Coffee Drinks? (Startbucks, Dunkin Donuts)
If Yogurt / Cottage Cheese was available would you buy it? What Is your favorite Brand & Flavor?
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Which Snacks Do You Like? (Please select all that apply)
What Is Your Favorite Nut? (Peanut, Cashews)
What Is Your Favorite Cracker?
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What Is Your Favorite Kind of Chips? (Doritos, Ruffles, Plain, Sour Cream & Onion)
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Do You Like Miss Vickies Chips?
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Would You Buy Breakfast, If it was available?
What Else Would You like to see in your market?
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