Easton Yoga 2020 Yoga School Teacher Training Application
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1) How long have you been practicing yoga? *
2) Do you plan on teaching after completing this YTT program? If so are you looking to teach part-time or full-time? Where are you hoping to teach? *
3) Who have you studied with (please list all classes, workshops, intensives and other trainings)? Who is your main teacher now? *
4) Why do you want to participate in this particular YTT program? And why at this point in your life? *
5) What brought you to yoga in the first place?  *
6) How has your practice changed since your first class? *
7) In the end we can only teach what we have experienced. Please describe one of your more powerful yoga "lightbulb or aha moments" where something just finally clicked for you in your personal practice. *
8) What is your favorite pose? Least favorite pose. Why? *
9) What inherent qualities or personality traits do you already possess that you think will make you a good yoga teacher? *
10) What previous training do you have that could help with becoming a teacher? *
11) What areas do you think you will need extra support as you transition to becoming a yoga teacher? public speaking, sequencing, adjustments, philosophy, etc *
12) What is your most positive character trait? *
13) What is your favorite memory? *
14) What has been the most challenging thing you have faced in your life, and what do you think the big lesson is for you in that challenge? *
15) Please list any meditation, pranayama or philosophy experience, yoga workshops, classes, self study, etc. *
16) What are you most excited to study in this training, and why? *
17) Do you have any physical limitations that could affect your participation in this teacher training? If so, do you know how to modify the postures in the series to be safe and mindful with these "limitations”? *
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