CMG Variety Talent Show Sign-Up Sheet
This is the sign-up sheet for the June 6th, 2021 online show, and to be clear, you only need to fill it out if you are committing to being IN the show (not just attending it)!

Deadline Tuesday June 1st at 10am.
Email *
Full name of each man in your act (please do this exactly as you'd like to be introduced) *
The best phone number for you during the show (in 123-456-7890 format) *
What you want your act to be introduced as, if other than your name:
What is the format for your act? *
If video, please enter the URL of the video on either YouTube or Vimeo. These are the only two host locations we will be accepting. Entry must start with http:// or https:// . If you don’t know the URL yet, you can enter "" below and email the URL to by noon on Thursday, June 3rd. *
Type of Act: (check the one that most closely matches) *
To help us plan the order, which word best describes your act: *
Indicate approx. the number of minutes up to FIVE: (note: You will get a warning at 4½ minutes. At 5, your act will alas be interrupted & simply end. Please, rehearse your act to make sure that it fits within this time limit out of fairness. Asking for exceptions is not part of being fair.) Choose a number between 1 & 5. *
Description of act & anything we’d need to know to help you be at your most fabulous. You may include any additional info that might be used in the intro (optional). Spelling counts, please proof-read! Or you can take the risk of Josh and Ben~Andy making things up about you, as you probably know they do! *
Number of CMGs attended:
City of current residence: *
Where you’re from originally:
Not that we’re planning to, but would it be okay with you for CMG to use images or recordings of your Act on our website or in printed literature? *
By participating, you agree that it is ok for CMG to place your act on its website. This is the internet, we cannot guarantee that anybody else won't get a hold of it so we might as well get to use it too! *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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