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Hello and thanks for your interest in Ideal Dance! We plan on having in-person (with masks) classes as well as virtual option for the 2020-2021 year. We look forward to working with you!
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We are planning for simultaneous in-person (masked) and virtual options for classes. If we are able to do both, do you prefer to be in-person or virtual? (Tuition for in-person classes will not change from our 2019-2020 prices. Tuition for virtual classes to be determined by the start of classes in September.) *
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I agree to the following: 1)Payments are due monthly and are to be made on the first day of each month. 2)There will be no reduction in monthly payments for missed classes unless accompanied by a doctor's excuse and when the time missed is two weeks or more. There will be no refund for dropped classes on multi-month payments unless accompanied by a doctor's excuse. 3)There is a $25.00 registration fee for all families which will hold your dancer’s spot in class. Class sizes are limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis. 4) There may occasionally be rescheduled classes due to inclement weather. In such cases, check your email or call the studio where you will find a message regarding cancellation. 5) If I cannot be reached in the event of accident or injury, I give consent for my child to be transported to the hospital if necessary and I give authorization for treatment upon arrival. *
I agree to the following: We have 2 shows over a single weekend at the end of the academic year in June. You are NOT required to participate in the shows. However, if you participate in ONE show, you MUST participate in BOTH shows—there are no exceptions. If this rule is broken, you will not be able to participate in shows in future years (though you are still welcome to do technique/non-performance classes). *
I agree: I, the undersigned, the applicant, for and in further consideration of the dance center accepting said applicant, hereby agree to save and indemnify and keep harmless the said Ideal Dance, its agents, sponsors against any and all liability, claims, judgments or demands for the damages arising as a result of injuries sustained by the applicant during or as a result of any course of instruction given the applicant by the dance center. *
Media Policy: I hereby give Ideal Dance permission to print, photograph, and record me/my child for use in video, film, or any other electronic, digital media. 1.This is with the understanding that neither Ideal Dance nor its representatives will reproduce said photograph, video, or likeness for any monetary gain. I am also fully aware that I will not receive monetary compensation for my child’s participation. 2. I further release and relieve Ideal Dance and its employees, from any liabilities, known or unknown, arising out of the use of this material. We will never attach names to these pictures or videos, and will remove any other “tags” that other people place. *
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