River City Early College (RCEC) Application 2021-2022 Incoming 9th Grade Only
The goal of the Early College High School Program admissions process is to select and admit a diverse group of academically capable students who have a genuine interest in pursuing this unique and rigorous program focused on earning a high school diploma along with an associate's degree and/or career/technical certification. Each application and accompanying documentation will be reviewed by the admissions team. All students will be evaluated based on the specific admissions elements outlined below. Elements considered for admission include:

ACADEMIC POTENTIAL: Grades, state test scores and other academic indicators

REFERENCES: One from a current teacher and counselor who have the ability to evaluate the student's potential

APPLICATION: Well-written, thoughtful responses provided by the student and parents/guardian

INTERVIEW: Admissions team will interview the candidates selected from the initial application

DIVERSITY: The class selected will reflect the academic, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of the school district

CHARACTERISTICS: Intellectual curiosity, self-motivation, maturity, self-discipline, and the need for a non-traditional high school setting

All applications will be evaluated. Applicants will be informed of interview schedule. Class members will be selected and notified after interviews. ALL APPLICATIONS ARE STRICTLY DUE BY Friday, February 7.

NOTE: RCEC students may participate in band or sports at their zoned schools. (only last block activities)
RCEC will be excused for games or competitions.
RCEC students will attend classes at Hinds Community College, Vicksburg campus.

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