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Child 10 makes unheard voices heard. Every year, we gather and celebrate 10 brave child right advocates that prevents and combats child trafficking. Since its inception in 2014 Child 10 has honored 50 grass root leaders from 22 countries from all over the world for their everyday struggle for the most vulnerable children in our communities. For information about previous Child 10 Awardees, visit

The selected Child 10 Awardees will receive an exceptional opportunity to meet, learn and share experiences, and through a hand picked, and unexpected groups of experts explore new ways of speeding up. Through joint actions and collaborations among the awardees the team of awardees will scale their impact. They will also be awarded with acknowledgement, attention and opportunity to receive financial support.

Note that the window for nomination closes at May 15th 2019. Please, let us know if you know someone else who can help us find nominations. For information, tips or further questions, contact us on

Child 10 2020: Children in the hands of Europe
This year the Child 10 Foundation will award leaders who fights for children on the run from violence, poverty and exploitation from all parts of the world trying to reach the Europe for a safe place to stay. Children who reaches the Mediterranean countries faces severe violations of their rights and are at high risk of trafficking, drugs and other exploitations.

We are now inviting you to send your recommendations through nominating candidates for Child 10 2020. All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee and by the following criterias:

1. Be leading or driving an on the ground work to prevent child trafficking and exploitation and support the rights of refugee and migrant children reaching the meditteranean countries

2. Show a bold, tireless and result driven leadership and who are standing up for children’s rights and be a proven champion for spreading the children’s own testimonials

3. Shows a potential for, strong belief in and commitment to collaboration and joint actions for scaling up impact as a Child 10 Awardee

4. Are doing operative work to support migrant or refugee children who are trafficked or at risk for trafficking in at least one of the African, European or Asian Mediterranean countries.

We appriciate your time for nominating your candidate to the Child 10 Award 2020. Together we can make the unheard voices heard, improve the lives for the most vulnerable children in our communities and combat the risk of child trafficking and exploitation!

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