CyBRICS 2020 — Certificates and Voting
Thanks for playing CyBRICS 2020! We hope you had fun and liked the challenges.

This form is for everyone individually, you don't have to work out a collective team opinion to submit it :)

In this form you can do three things:
1. Vote for challenges you'd like to see authors explain — page 1
2. Tell us what you loved and hated — page 2
3. Get yourself a certificate — page 3

We're going to stream a challenge analysis session on Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 UTC each, on SPbCTF youtube channel → in English. There we will cover the challenges that got most voted.

ITMO University will issue official certificates of participation (team place optional), if you'd like to get one, please leave your details on page 3. ITMO attaches some benefits to that certificate, described there.

Every field is optional, and you can re-submit the form to express additional thoughts / change orders

P.S.: for languages different from English and Russian we'll use Google Translate to figure out what it says :)
Page 1. Challenge analysis voting
⚠️ Votes here count until 26th July 20:00 UTC
Which tasks would you like to see explained?
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