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Form for people to express interest in collaborating to study post-vaccination experiences with menstrual bleeding or other period-related effects. We appreciate people spreading the word about our survey, and we are open to possibilities for collaboration. For more information about our project:

Please note: The survey is not restricted to any geographical area, so if your main interest is in knowing about your country/state, we are likely already collecting that data.

In general, we've discussed three main approaches that have distinct separate steps/processes (though we are certainly open to other ideas):
1) we can share some of our anonymized data with people who want to collaborate to analyze data to answer a research question (producing a co-authored publication)
2) we can integrate new people to our current larger overall collaboration (a much more significant time investment for everyone, but it is an option)
3) we can share our survey instrument with other people to adapt and use themselves (crediting/referencing our work, but using their home institution IRB processes, etc).

Please fill out the form below to express interest in collaborating with us! We will try to follow up within a week or so, but please be patient!

Please note that before moving forward with any collaborations, we will require a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and/or Data Use Agreement outlining plans, goals, and responsibilities. We do not intend to share subsets of the data until after we've published our initial findings (analyses are in progress).
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