Brighton Main Streets' Superhero Gala: Nominate a Hero
Presented by Brighton Main Streets

Brighton Main Streets is Looking for Local Superheroes!

This year Brighton Main Streets will be recognizing the neighborhood's heroes by shining a spotlight on the work that they do to lift up our community! We are looking for those who display an amazing ability to give generously, with their time, talents and treasures to the Brighton community. It's our unsung heroes that go above and beyond to make a difference and strengthen our local community.

Heros sometimes hide undercover as teachers, neighbors, co-workers, spouses, store owners just to mention a few. They use their superhero powers to make Brighton a better place to live, shop, work, and play. We intend on shining a spotlight on Brighton's Superheroes who have been undercover by showcasing them on our website and social media, telling their story with a "Hero Spotlight". Brighton's Superheroes will also be the guests of honor at the Brighton Main Streets Gala on Nov 1.

If you've seen one of Brighton's community heroes in action, please nominate them by telling us your story. Please be sure to be specific as to why you are nominating this hero! We hope to see you and your hero on Nov. 1st at the AC Hotel.

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