Pharma Leaders Business Leader of the year 2016
Pharma Leader Jury arrive at the final six nominees for their leadership position in their respective fields after a scrutiny & a detailed research by a team of researchers & experts that are followed year after years at the Pharma Leaders Annual Award Editions thereby making the process very credible & transparent. We are often asked by the nominees as they are surprised when they see their list of final countdown. It is also a matter of great satisfaction & pride even to make it to the top six nominations irrespective of the results of the final winner which will be declared on Friday,the 23rd December 2016 at the grand award ceremony where more than 350 leaders of the industry make it to witness the event of the year". Pharma Leader Business Leader of the Year is seeking an exceptional Business Leader for its coveted & prestigious annual award ceremony at the 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Business Leadership Awards 2016. The Winner will imbibe Excellence in Innovation & proven business leadership who demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities to perform under tough indian conditions where competition is tough & fierce. A slight error can reduce the ranking in leadership. The Leader who actively seeks ways to advance beyond the status quo, proactively identifies novel, creative ways to improve upon processes or service delivery; Implements change in a positive manner and strives to ensure its success; Demonstrates ability to stir the pot for positive, fresh impact, approaches problem-solving with a solution orientation. Excellence in Leadership & a strong leader who demonstrates a unique ability to guide and inspire others, which in turn contributes to the effective and efficient functioning of the Organisation & continuously Inspires and encourages personal and professional development in others, builds strong relationships that support a high level of trust and credibility; Adapts readily to new situations; Effectively persuades others using keen organizational awareness; Mentors and cultivates employees, creating a culture of respect that fosters an atmosphere conducive to achievement; Contributes to the success of an initiative that makes him a true Business Leader

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