Kids Up Front presents Stranded: Water Valley 2019
Application form to be a participant at Stranded: Water Valley 2019 August 9-11. The information we collect will not be shared or used for any other purposes other than to determine our competitors for 2019.

"I thought it was me doing something for Kids Up Front Calgary by raising donations for their cause, but in reality they gave us the best, life-changing experience I could have ever imagined." - Past Contestant

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Stranded: Water Valley runs August 9-11
- You must be able to commit to attending all three days August 9-11, (likely arriving 3:30 p.m. Friday to start and getting back to Calgary around 10 p.m. Sunday) - no late arrivals or early departures.

- All credit cards will be kept on file in case the minimum donation amount is not met. You must have a card with at least a $2,500 limit, or post-dated a cheque for us to use if credit card limit isn't high enough.

- Participants will have several months to fundraise up the the $2,500 minimum. We will give you all the tools required, will share on our social channels and can offer ideas that were successful last year. The minimum MUST be met in order to participate. As per our fundraising agreement, if you fail to raise the minimum amount all funds will be forfeited to Kids Up Front.

- This event will run regardless of the weather (rain or shine) and can be very taxing, both mentally and physically. It is the full experience with tribal council, a video crew and more. Please consider this as you apply.

- Please note that we send event correspondence frequently.

- Awards and incentives are given to those who go above and beyond the fundraising minimum.

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Are you OK to be an alternate if not initially chosen (if another candidate needs to be replaced in June or July)? *
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