Australian Rewilding Network
Please complete the form below to add your Rewilding project to the Australian Rewilding Network map. Projects will be reviewed by the Rewilding Australia Committee prior to addition.

Projects must address at least one of the following criteria:

Australian Rewilding principles aim to:
- restore ecosystem function by returning missing ecosystem links;
- reduce management intervention by improving species interactions;
- recognise the role of apex predators to ecosystem health;
- consider paleontological records to guide an ecosystem management approach or species reintroduction;
- consider Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (IEK) to guide an ecosystem management approach or species reintroduction;
- aim to improve ecosystem resilience to future threats e.g. climate change, invasive species;
- increase landscape connectivity;
- increase landscape biodiversity.

All projects must also aim to
- engage the community in planning and decision making.

Note: Wildlife protection sanctuaries using fences to prevent fox and cat predation and to reduce species dispersal also meet the criteria for membership to the Australian Rewilding Network where a component of their overall experimental design aims to determine how to reintroduce species beyond fenced enclosures.

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