ASUW Asian Student Commission Volunteer Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in the Asian Student Commission (ASC)! We offer volunteer positions all school year!

Students from every academic year (freshmen to grad students) and various backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply!

ASC is committed to our core pillars of cultural preservation, social justice, and visibility. These volunteer positions are meant to be a learning opportunity for all; however, it is highly recommended that you come prepared with prior knowledge of Asian/Asian-American culture and history and/or a strong will to learn about such. We are in search of motivated, active, and caring individuals who are ready to serve the Asian/Asian-American community on the UW campus! This year we will focus a lot on intersectional identities, marginalized/underrepresented groups within the Asian community, and more! While still maintaining our cultural, political, and social ties.

For more information about the ASUW Asian Student Commission feel free to visit our platforms below:
Facebook: @ASUW Asian Student Commission
IG: @asuwasc
Twitter: @ASUW_ASC

*Follow us on our IG and Like us on Facebook to keep the most up to date on all things ASC related!
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Thank you for applying to be a volunteer! You will hear back from us within a few weeks. We are set to have an ASUW volunteer orientation tentatively for Nov. 12th with details to follow
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