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All selection takes place at the local level and each City Tribe runs its own selection process.
If you fit the following criteria, apply to join the hub in your city.

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The People at 365 Degrees
Everything at 365 Degrees is fueled by the passion & dedication of inspired youth.
We are always on the lookout for individuals who dare to stand out and take risks.
Humans who want to immortalise their experiences in stories and share them to bring a positive change.
Every 365 Degrees member is a class apart from the regular crowd in the way they take on life and enjoy every bit of it.
These are the people who dare to explore, venture out into the unknown, step out of their comfort zones and are always willing to learn.

A member of 365 Degrees Tribe is

-between 18-29 years of age
-resident of or live close to the city they are applying for
-committed to working with peers to improve their community
-interested in developing their leadership potential
-willing to support fellow members in their personal and professional development
-ready to engage in the community
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