Joko Wellness, LLC therapy consultation intake
this intake will be used to learn about your therapy needs and ensure fit. Oumou will be in contact within 3-5 business days to schedule a phone/video consultation (barring any physical or mental health needs that will be centered).

head to to read more about Oumou and their practice.
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what are you looking for support with? what problems do you notice in your life? what part of your life makes you wanna pack up and run away? what do you desire? *
what's your level of urgency around solving this problem/achieving your desires? *
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what are some of your expectations about therapy and about having a therapist? *
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I confirm that I am aware that Joko Wellness, LLC's fees are $210 per individual session, does not accept in-network insurance and has limited reparations and solidarity rates available. *
based off the questions in the anti-oppression rate questionnaire, what level are you at? what is your budget for sessions? *
any additional info about yourself or your context that you'd life to share?
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