Schuylkill River Trail Ambassador Timesheet
Please submit one form for each day spent on the Trail. If you exceed the number of hours on any individual section, submit additional forms as necessary. This form will work on all operating systems, web browsers, and even works on your smartphones, so it'll be much easier to log your hours on the Trail!

Remember to log at least 8 hours a month between April and October but please log your hours every time you're out, even if its not during those months. As always, we appreciate your time out on the Trail, so thank you! If you have any questions, please reach out to or call us at 484-945-0200.
Updated 8/15/2018


» Reminder: Please file an Incident Report Form found at for unauthorized motorized vehicles on the trail. Thank you to those who are submitting the Form.

» Ambassador ID Cards: Many of you have expiring cards. Send an e-mail to request to to be sent a new ID card. Thank you to those that have contacted us already!


» Check out our website to see what we're up to!

» The new Schuylkill River Trail accordion brochure was finally published, and we have 70,000 to give out! Contact Sarah or Bob with how many you need and where you are distributing them.

TRAIL NOTICES (Updated 7/9/2019)

» Schuylkill River Trail, Pottstown Gap: With the recent Montgomery County ribbon cutting opening a SRT section in Pottstown, folks are again requesting a gap completion schedule. In our Pottstown area, this is the most asked question. Between Parkerford and Kenilworth (US 422), Chester County will be bidding this year and finish in 2021. It requires a new creek bridge behind Allied Concrete. For the Pottstown to US 422 Bridge gap, Montgomery County needs to acquire property before requesting design and construction grants. While there is no schedule, best guess is 2022.

» Thun and Bartram Trails, Trees: While trees are still a big issue, we recently completed a 200 tree removal contract along the upper and lower Thun Trail sections. Unfortunately, we will need to continue this work, albeit on a more limited bases, continually to keep up with the damage wrought be the emerald ash borer. Please continue notifying the Heritage Area at 484 945-0200 or at if you observe leaning, hanging, or downed trees during your patrols, or any other situations that may require remediation and repair. Include location, time, date, if access is impeded, and any actions you took.

» Thun Trail, West Shore Bypass: While work continues, PennDOT's US 422 West Shore By-pass Improvement Project is now slated to begin in 2026. They are concluding preliminary design and their environmental work, and their latest rendition is to keep the RACC bridge for the SRT. More at

» Thun Trail, Douglassville Bridge: Thank you to those who send in pictures of the recent log across the bridge despite Lewis’ bests efforts with the latest debris piles. Keep those maintenance need notices coming in!

» Thun Trail, Ride for the River Preparation: With the Ride for the River coming up the TrailKeepers will be called in force to spruce up the trail for the event. Please consider coming out - we can always use the help!

» Thun Trail, PA 724 Bridge: The Whittaker Bridge project over PA 724 at Monocacy is on track for a 2019 fall/winter bid and construction in 2020. The delay was due to access issues from neighboring private property holders.

» Bartram Trail, Auburn Gap Bridge: We received an easement to connect the bridge to River Road without the use of Witmier’s property. We’ve assembled ¾ of the funds and submitted requests in spring for the remaining. Design work was started two months ago. Bidding is slated for this winter with construction starting next year.

Ambassador Time Entry Form
Name *
Date *
Section 1 Hours: Bartram Segment, Landingville and Auburn Areas, Schuylkill County
Section 2 Hours: Bartram Segment from Auburn to Hamburg, Berks and Schuylkill Counties
Section 3 Hours: Thun Segment from Reading to Gibraltar, Berks County
Section 4 Hours: Thun Segment from Gibraltar to Birdsboro, Berks County
Section 5 Hours: Thun Segment from Birdsboro to Stowe, Berks County
Section 6 Hours: Montco North Segment from Stowe to Pottstown, Montgomery County
Section 7 Hours: Chesco Segment from Pottstown to Phoenixville, Chester County
Section 8 Hours: Montco Central Segment from Mont Clare to Valley Forge, Montgomery County
Section 9 Hours: Montco South Segment from Valley Forge, Montgomery County, to Roxborough, Philadelphia
Section 10 Hours: Fairmount Segment from Roxborough to Art Museum, Philadelphia
Section 11 Hours: Schuylkill Banks Segment from Art Museum to South Philadelphia
Other hours served (trail clean ups, events, committees, etc.) Please write number of hours and service completed.
Total Hours *
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