Stakeholder Feedback
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2.Please check the corresponding square to show your concerns about the following issues. *
no impact
little impact
certain impact
deep impact
Integrity and sustainable management
Electricity tariff rationalization
Transformation into a new energy utility group
Management and financial performance
Stability and reliability of power supply
Technological research and innovation
Power industry reform and fair competition
Service and product satisfaction
Responsible supply chains
Customer privacy
Renewable and clean energy development
Climate change response strategies
Environment impact management and legal compliance
Air quality
Energy efficiency
Demand side management and power conservation
Ecological friendliness
Stakeholder engagement and information transparency
Universal accessibility and availability of electricity
Power plants renewal and decommissioning
Safety management and crisis response
Worker health and safety
Talent management and development
Employee rights and benefits
Humanistic development
Local social development
3.Apart from the mentioned issued about, are there any concerned issues about Taipower’s fulfillment of sustainability and CSR?
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