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Thanks for your interest in becoming a Tutor Teen. Please fill out the form below so we can learn more about you and you can let us know what subject areas you're most comfortable tutoring.

We are currently taking teen volunteer sign-ups for back-to-school 2020. After signing-up, a Tutor Teens Coordinator will reach out to you with next steps.

Requirements and Expectations:
- high school student in grades 9-12
- you must live in the greater Cincinnati area
- you like working with kids or peers
- have parent permission
- be available for tutoring at least 1 hr/week
- attend a 30-minute virtual Orientation program
- attend occasional virtual Team meetings
- provide prompt feedback to parents
- be on-time for scheduled tutoring sessions
- communicate any schedule changes to parents
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For the safety of the students and other tutors, we ask that you provide a way for us to verify your identity. Suggested ways: your social media account (preferably Instagram), parent social media account, or School ID. You can send a photo to tutorteenscincy@gmail.com *
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