Jasi Swim Team Travel Policy Agreement
1. Team travel for NZ National Championship Meets is always done as a team. The Club Administrator will arrange all out of town travel and accommodation for these competitions. The Administrator will also arrange accommodation for Club targeted meets. These meets will be set at the Committee meeting in June each calendar year and distributed to all Club members before registration day.

Travel arrangements for all other meets will be the responsibility of the swimmers
and swimmer’s family.

2. It is not normally permitted to travel on your own unless special circumstances arise. Exceptions must be presented in writing to the Club Administrator for consideration by the Committee, at least two months prior to the meet in question. If an exception is approved, it is on the understanding that their share of the full cost of management fees (coaches and managers) will be charged to the swimmer regardless of any alternate travel arrangement. To be eligible for funding received for away meets the swimmer must travel and/or stay with the team.

3. All team travel will have a team manager assigned. The team manager, or another designated person, will be responsible for meals, travel/transport arrangements and the general care and welfare of the athletes. This person will work closely with the coach and club administrator of the trip to coordinate the itinerary.

4. Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend the competition but are responsible for their own travel arrangements and cost. As a courtesy to team management, parents and non- participant swimmers/visitors are asked to make alternative venue arrangements, unless approved by the Committee.

5. All swimmers attending National meets are responsible for all management fees (coach and manager’s transportation and accommodation, per Diem). At National meets a coach is always required but should our coach not be attending, you will be under another club’s coach and still expected to pay a portion of their expenses.

6. The club will contribute 50% of the coach’s expenses for SNZ National meets only. The balance will be split equally between the swimmers attending. Regional away meets will be discussed by the committee on a case by case basis.

7. There will be a cutoff date (6 weeks prior to competition) to show the swimmer’s commitment to the competition in question. The estimated cost of participating in a meet will be advised to the family via email. Meets will require a $100 deposit by a notified due date and payment in full before departure to the event. In the event of the swimmer not travelling with the team the deposit will be refunded on a case by case basis.

8. Penalties and fees that result from changed or cancelled travel arrangements after the meet cancellation deadline will be charged to the swimmer.


All swimmers must agree to the following rules whilst attending away from home camps and competitions.

• Follow instructions from the Coach/Supervisor
• Be courteous and understanding of fellow swimmers
• Be respectful of adults in charge
• Follow rules for wake up times and quiet times
• Not to interfere with anyone else’s belongings
• Stay with the group unless instructed otherwise
• Arrive on time for transport to pool sessions and team meetings
• Ask for help if required or if a problem arises
• Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated
• Abide by in-house rules

In House Rules:

• Abide by the cell phone rules applied by the Club and Managers
• No noise after lights out
• No girls in boys rooms and no boys in girls rooms at all times, unless there is adult supervision.
• Keep your rooms tidy
• Leave building quietly for morning sessions

I understand that if my actions are in breach of any of the conditions of this contract:

• My parents will be contacted and that I will be sent home at their expense.
• I shall not receive any funding from the Club in respect to my attendance at the event.
• My participation as a member of the Club at one or more future events may be denied.
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