How Intuitive Am I?
This Quiz Will Give You An Understanding of How Intuitive You Are!

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Are You Spontaneous?
Not at all I need to plan everything
Yes! can act on a whim
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I know What My Gut Feeling, Feels Like
Please select all that apply
Not at all. Am I hungry?
100% I always know when it talks to me
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I've Been Able To Know Things At Times, Without Really Knowing How
I study and research to know things
Yes! This has definitely happened to me more than once!
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I've Dreamt Things That Have Given Me Insight Into My Life
I don't remember my dreams
Yes! All the time! That's why I love to dream record!
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I Have Déjà Vu Quite Frequently
Never happens
All the time
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I Get a Strong Impression and Know Immediately if I Will Like Someone or Be Friends With Them
No clue
Always! It's how I always know, the first impression
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I've Had An Experience Where A Song, Billboard, or Commentary Pops Up And It Totally Has to Do With What's On My Mind
Yes!!! More than once! I'm glad I'm not the only one!
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When I make a decision I listen to how I feel about it more than what my brain says
Always listen to my mind
Always listen to my feelings
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When I Make a decision, I'm confident
I tend to second guess myself
I go for it
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I See Signs Everywhere I Go. They Always Appear When I Need Them.
I have no idea what that even means
Yes! I see signs all the time!
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