PW Shoe Lofts - Rental Application
Rental Application Qualifying Standards

1. Qualifying process will average the factors of rental history, criminal history, income, and credit and employment stability to determine approval or non-approval. Some things to keep in mind:

i. Applicant(s) must demonstrate their ability to pay rent on time and meet the requirements of occupancy.
ii. Length and type of employment is an important economic consideration in the approval process
iii. Lower rating on school loans and medical references may be acceptable in certain situations with proper explanation
iv. Applicants with a history of unpaid judgments or liens are usually denied.
v. Comments from former landlords are important selection criteria - including rental payment history, violations of policies, violations of lease, history of disruptive behavior, housekeeping habits, etc.
vi. Applicants with any evictions in their rental history are typically denied.

2. Applicant must be at least 21 years of age or 18 with qualifying co-signer. Full-time students, regardless of age, require a co-signer.

3. The combined gross income for all named tenants (or co-signer) on the lease must equal at least three (3) times the monthly rental amount.

4. Any bankruptcy must be at least two (2) years prior, with newly established credit.

5. Criminal history must be free of felony convictions, sex crimes, or no-contest pleadings to a felony or sex crime.
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