K9MA's MYB! Group Session Waiver
Why Mind Ya Biz!? Because we are practicing to do exactly that! We at K9MA believe that while not all dogs need friends, it is important for them to learn to co-exist and remain engaged with their handler, despite the distraction around them. We also LOVE to practice neutrality: The Art of Doing Nothing. 

Join us in this structured, supportive and judgement-free group sessions. We welcome and encourage owners with reactive dogs who are consistently working on their training. We do not discriminate against tools and welcome opportunities for education and support within our community of responsible, like-minded owners. 

This waiver must be filled out prior to participating in any of our Mind Ya Biz! Group Sessions (Trail Walk, Leash Manners and Group OB)
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Email *
Of yourself and anyone who you plan to have attend with you (anyone who plans on handling a dog MUST fill out their own waiver, no exceptions)
Dog's Name
All group sessions are one dog per handler. If you plan on alternating dogs, please list all dogs
Your Why?
Share with us why you are joining our group sessions. Let us know the challenges your dog faces weather it be reactivity, overstimulation, excitement, etc. The more detail the better.
MYB! Group Session Rules

No longer than a 6 foot leash is required to be on dog at all times
- No more than 1 dog per handler
- Owner must be in physical control of the dog at all times. Do NOT let your dog approach other dogs. Do NOT let your dog stare at other dogs
- Owner must pick up after dog
- There will be NO dog-to-dog interactions (including bum sniffs)
- Do not engage with other people’s dogs (no eye contact)
- Absolutely no judgment, harassment or bullying will be tolerated
- Dogs with bite history or repeat lungers must wear muzzle
- Owner is expected to be working on obedience/engagement while participating (not playtime).
Cancelation, Payment and Participation Policy:

Registration by the participant is electronically through our website. The participant will pay, in full, the applicable service fee as indicated on the current rates on our website (rates are subject to change with notice) prior to services. Acceptable payment method is through our website using debit or credit.

Due to the limited space and demand of the programs, MYB! Group Sessions are both non-refundable and non-transferable. 

MYB! Group Sessions will happen rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather or an emergency cancelation by Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote, participants will be credited the a service of equal or lesser value for future use.

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to check in and get your dog settled. Dogs who exhibit repeated lunging, snarling or exhibit signs of aggression at the discretion of the Dog Trainer, Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote, may be asked to leave and forfeit further participation until cleared by the Dog Trainer. The safety of everyone participating is our number one priority.

Release of Liability and Indemnification

I release, waive, and indemnify and agree to hold Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote, its owners, independent contractors, officers, employees, and agents harmless for any and all manner of damages, injury, claims, loss, liabilities, costs or expenses, or attorney’s fees arising out of or related to the services provided by Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote, without limitation. Any inaccuracies in any statements in this contract or verbally provided by me to Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote including but not limited to my pet(s), my property, pet history, dog bites, injury, medical conditions or diseases, and any actions of my pet(s) immediately Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote from this agreement, will be considered a breach of contract, and may be subject to termination of services.

I, the dog's Owner, release Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote (Owner of "The K9 Mindset Academy") of all liability including any and all harm that may fall upon you and your dog. We cannot account for others on the trail as these are public trails on public land. Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote will not be held liable for any injuries, weather accidents, diseases, viruses, illnesses, escapes, losses, or death to the dog(s) or Dog Owner(s) that are caused by circumstances, animals, or other people during our MYB! Group Sessions. 

I agree that I, the Dog Owner, am assuming all risk of injury, accident, disease, virus, illness, weather, environmental risk, escape, loss, death, or otherwise to my pet by allowing my pet to participate in services with Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote. I confirm that my pet is up to date on all required vaccines. 

I have disclosed and shall continue to disclose any and all medical, behavioural or other information to Dog Trainer to the best of my knowledge about my pet(s), to ensure the safety of the Dog Trainer, any person(s), and any pet(s) they may encounter. I do not hold the Dog Trainer responsible for any problems involving age-related conditions or pre-existing conditions. I understand that the Dog Trainer is relying on and will rely on the information I have disclosed and those representations to provide a safe environment for both humans and animals.

The Dog Owner understands that hiring the Dog Trainer is not a “quick fix” for training challenges. Services are not guaranteed. Dog Owner understands that what you put into training is what you will get out of training. Dog Owner understands and agrees if Dog Owner fails to follow the instructions of the Dog Trainer at home, the success of training will be affected. If Dog Trainer deems the behaviors too extreme to continue with, for any reason, services will be terminated and Dog Owner will be referred elsewhere.

Waiver of Photography and Videography

The Dog Owner agrees that any images and videos of Dog Owner or Dog taken by Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote or it’s agents during the course of the MYB! Group Sessions and time periods associated with the program, are and will continue to be for all time the exclusive property of Ashlin Krusch-Valeriote. Dog Owner consents to the use of photographic images and videos of participant and dog for marketing, instructional videos or any other purpose.
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