Boozy Weekend! Buffy Fan Reunion 2017 Interest Survey
Prompted by the 20th Anniversary of "Buffy," a few of us began sharing old photos & memories, and soon began dreaming of a real-life reunion. This survey is to gauge interest & choose a place/date.

This will be informal, just a bunch of friends catching up. We'll try to get a hotel with a pool and recreate those long talks around the pool in Tampa in 2003 where many of us first met. :)

A few of the places we may know each other from: BAPS, Spike's Salvation, BA_Gutter, Sparklies, We Band of Buggered, All About Spike, Writercon, LiveJournal, etc etc etc.

Join the facebook group to discuss further:

(Feel free to share with friends from that era who aren't on Facebook. If you are discussing this on other social media platforms & want us to add a link here, let Laura know at

Header graphic by Suzie1985 at fanpop with some silly edits by Laura to add more Spike. ;)

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