CS @ VT Alumni Award Nomination Form
The College of Engineering Outstanding Recent Alumni Award is limited to graduates of the College who have been awarded a degree in engineering within the previous 10 years.

The CS@VT Distinguished Alumni Award is given to a department alumnus or alumna who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the computing field in their career in industry, government, or academia. This award recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions in research and/or practice. It is expected that the awardee will visit the department to receive their award and give a presentation to faculty and students.

We are additionally looking for a nominee that meets the following criteria:
* Has a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree awarded from the Department of Computer Science
* Has committed themselves to excellence in their career as a computer scientist.
* Has created or demonstrated innovative and creative solutions using their CS education.
* Has pursued some element of service to give back to society.
* Has embodied the characteristics of a VT student in breadth and depth of their field.
* Demonstrates a continual learning and growth mindset.

Please consider nominating yourself for one of these awards. For more information about alumni awards please visit:

If you have any questions you can reach us at alumni-awards@cs.vt.edu.

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