IB Educator Study VISUAL One
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"A visit to a museum or art gallery can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. With so many works on display, trying to see everything can feel like a race against the clock. Studies have found that visitors to art galleries spend an average of eight seconds looking at each work on display. But what happens when we spend five minutes, fifteen minutes, an hour or an afternoon really looking in detail at an artwork? This is 'slow looking'. It is an approach based on the idea that, if we really want to get to know a work of art, we need to spend time with it"
Although the above quote, from the Tate, is focussing on artwork in galleries, consider how long people spend looking at the photographs selected to accompany news articles? Could it be a similar length of 8 seconds? IBEducatorsStudy will alternate between photographs and artworks, inviting you to slow down and spend time with the visual to develop a deeper understanding.
You'll be provided the visual, without context first, and invited to provided first reflections. You'll then be given more context and a follow up activity. A week or so after the Google Form has been shared and many responses have been gathered, a summary write up will be shared with participants through email and through excitededucator.com
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