Show&Tell Circle - Application
As a member of the Circle, whether you're in pre-production seeking vital support early on OR in distribution pursuing PBS underwriters, I will guide you personally.

My goal is to make each of the members of the Circle successful at:
- fundraising creatively and non-traditionally
- understanding how your audience informs fundraising strategy
- creating effective fundraising tools and refining the tools you already have
- pitching partners, underwriters, sponsors, and conferences that will provide financial support
- building and training a team

A big part of making the Circle a success is selecting a cohort of filmmakers who are seeking similar things and are willing to help each other.

If you think you're a good fit for an upcoming Show&Tell Circle, please read the requirements and complete this brief form.

This is not a commitment to participate, rather it lets me know if I should make you first to know when I open a future application.

I'm excited to take this step with you!


P.S. - please keep your answers short and sweet!
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Participants in the Show&Tell Circle must be:

1. Available to work a minimum of 5 hours per week on distribution/pitching/fundraising. This can include work from teammates dedicated to your film's success
2. Seeking funders, partnerships, underwriting, and/or conferences
3. Planning to do virtual events as part of your strategy
4. Willing to be transparent about your successes. If you're successful, you must be open to helping other filmmakers succeed

To be clear, all four of the above factors must be true.
What You Receive
1. Content review by Keith
- Review of your film
- Review of your completed strategy questionnaire
- Review and personal, detailed feedback on one piece of content per month

2. Distribution & Fundraising blueprint
- Keith creates a Distribution & Fundraising Blueprint, a step-by-step strategy for each member of the Circle

3. Two hours per month of Collective Coaching with Keith and the other members of the Circle
- Members of the Circle can submit Qs beforehand
- At the end of each Coaching session, members will have specific 'Next Steps'
- All sessions are recorded for Circle members

 Up to 2 teammates per film can participate in all of the above.
Based on how filmmakers Keith has guided in the past have succeeded with his consulting work, we require members of the Circle make a six-month commitment. The fee for participating in the Circle is $5,000, which is paid in total before the Circle begins. This includes six months of support from Keith, the Blueprint, and all over benefits outlined above.

If necessary, the fee can be paid in two installments up to one month apart.
Interested? Tell me a bit more about your film and your needs...
I'll review your info and make selection very soon. I'm eager to get started!
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