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Degree pursuing long term: *
How many years do you have left at UF as a student? *
40% of work on both projects happens between May and July.
Indicate which areas of the project you are interested in working on? *
What other extra-curricular commitments do you have?
Band, ROTC, SAE, IEEE, small business owner, etc...
Which project(s) are you most interested in working on? *
List all relevant skills and experiences (e.g. list any software suite, programming language, equipment, or tools you are proficient or familiar with):
Solidworks, Altium, welding, sewing, etc...
List all relevant coursework you have completed or are currently enrolled (course number and name):
EEL 4665/5666, EEL 3701, EEL 4744, EEE 3308, EEL 3923, EML 2023, EML 3005, EML 4501, CDA 3101, CEN 3031, COP 3502, COP 3503, CAP 4621
Describe a relevant project that you have worked on.  Please include details of the project and the part you played in it.  Why did the project interest you?  Please do not include any projects completed as part of a UF course (e.g. mid-term and final projects):
Explain why you are interested in joining our team and what you hope to gain from it:
How you did you hear about SubjuGator/PropaGator/NaviGator/MIL?
List any other relevant information you would like us to know:
After reading the tasks, team paper(s), and watching the competition videos, describe three specific improvements (strategy, design, approach) that would have improved our performance in the competition? (please specify boat or sub or both)
Which team(s) platform(s), besides UF, were you impressed with?  Why?  (specify boat or sub or both)
List three things that can make our website(s) better.  Why?
Give a specific area where you believe that you can contribute (or will be able to contribute someday) to the team(s).  Why do you think you will be able to contribute in this area?
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