Plant 4 Pemba - Pledge trees
Community Forests International exists today because of tree planters like you!

One day a year we strap on the bags and pound for Pemba, giving what we can — a bag up, a half-day, or the whole thing — to help others. 100% of your donation will go directly to supporting communities in Pemba and surrounding islands :)

Pick a day, either solo or with some friends, and pound some trees for Pemba! A fan favorite is to give is one of those terrible "I hate my life" days where nothing goes right... giving on that day makes everything feel better!

Once you've planted your trees, share a message, photo, or video and tag us — we would love to hear how your day went :) We'll amplify contributions on our social media and share with our partners in Pemba so they can see your efforts! #plant4pemba

Instagram - @plant4pemba
Facebook - @pembatrees
email -

I'll follow up soon with a bit more info and how to complete your donation. Until then, have fun, be well, and play safe out there.

Zach Melanson
Community Forests international
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