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Cal Poly BEACoN (Believe, Educate and Empower, Collaborate and Nurture) Mentors exist to educate and empower underrepresented students and advocate for them as they aspire to successfully complete their Cal Poly Education. The faculty in the BEACoN Mentor Network collaborate with all members of the campus community to increase success and retention of underrepresented or underperforming students.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information from faculty and students in our quest to set up a network of faculty mentors with student scholars (mentees). The mentors and student scholars comprise the members of the BEACoN Mentor Network. The BEACoN Mentoring Network is designed to work in two ways: (a) Students can select a potential faculty member from a list of mentor profiles or (b) We can use information from this survey to match students and faculty who share common research and professional interests. If you are a student feel free to check the list of faculty ( and suggest a possible mentor if you wish. If you would prefer to have us match you with someone then check the appropriate box in the survey below. If you are faculty and would like to join our network, please fill out the information below. This will allow you to be visible on our list of potential mentors. If you are faculty and already have a student with whom you are working please share their name(s) and invite them to fill out the form if they are not already members.

We estimate that it will take approximately 5 - 7 minutes to complete the survey. Completed surveys will be used for matching.

Faculty that submit a survey agree to having a profile posted on the BEACoN web page that contains elements drawn directly from their survey responses. Examples can be seen at (

Thank you for volunteering to participate in this network.

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