LRCA Cafritz 2nd Stage PUD Community Survey
On September 4, 2018, the Cafritz Foundation submitted a second stage application for its Planned Unit Development (Zoning Case No. 06-10D). The Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association (LRCA) has conveniently housed the materials on its website at, under Art Place at Fort Totten, 2nd phase Block B.

Ideally, please review the application materials before proceeding with this survey.

This survey is designed to solicit questions from our residents in a broad, open-ended and impartial manner. Responses will be used to solicit answers from the developers and other parties, as applicable, and to potentially create a published FAQ of common questions.

The survey does not have a hard "close" date at this time. It will be open until sufficient data is collected, or it becomes time for another type of survey. If you have suggestions for future survey questions or types, please respond to the email at the end of this message.

We do require you to provide your name, address and membership affiliation. This is designed to avoid duplicate submissions. However, you do have the ability to go back to your original response and edit it as you learn more about the project.

LRCA membership is not required to fill out the survey; however, it is preferred that respondents live in proximity to the project. Feel free to share the link with your neighbors.

While we are strongly encouraging the use of this electronic survey, for residents who don't have or are not familiar with Internet access, we will ensure that they get a paper version of the survey, at an LRCA meeting or upon request.

Thanks for your participation.


The Lamond-Riggs Development Task Force, a committee of the Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association

For more information, contact LRCA 1st VP/task force chair Gwen Cofield at

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The plan generally proposes up to 30 subsidized artist live/work spaces & 210-250 market-rate apartments.
Questions about market-rate housing (avg. $1,716 in our community via Rent Cafe)?
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Questions about proposed subsidized artist housing?
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Questions about bedroom mix of all housing?
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Questions about proposed retail space (nongrocery and nonfood)?
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Questions about the proposed grocery store?
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Questions about min./max. square feet of all retail?
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Questions about food court?
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Cultural and Entertainment
Questions about family entertainment zone (proposed use and activities, not design)?
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Questions about entertainment zone design?
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Questions about children's museum?
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Overall Site Planning
Questions about overall site design?
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Questions about parking plan?
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Questions about safety?
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Questions about closing 4th Street for proposed pedestrian path?
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Questions about traffic plan?
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Questions about landscape plan?
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Final Comments
Any general comments about the proposal as you end this survey?
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Thanks from LRCA
The LRCA is an active civic association comprised of residents of the Lamond-Riggs neighborhood in Washington, DC. Go to for more information.
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